Lucas Onorato dos Santos, commonly refered as "Lucas Onorato" or just "Lucas", is the creator of Awesome Object Battle, he is a 13-years old brazilian, with his birthdate, on December, 25 (aka the same day as Christmas).

His start on YouTube and his first animated series

He started on YouTube in January of 2015, in its old channel, "Lucas Onorato", it was a channel that had stop-motion animated parodies of South Park, named as North Park(Parque do Norte in Portuguese, because the show was only available in Brazillian Portuguese, because its the native language of the creator of the show). 

it had its first episode published on November, 29 of 2015, called "Dia de Neve"(Snow Day), then it had some shorts, but it became cancelled because of the time that episode 2 took to be created, and was never finished.

in january of 2018, the account was deleted, but maybe is still possible to find its animations just searching for "Lucas Onorato" on Youtube, also episode 2 still can be made, because the creator still has the script and the characters. At the start of 2016, after various months without North Park episode 2, and its cancellation, Lucas stopped creating animations, and preffered to make some comic books, but none of then was finished.

How he discovered the "Object Shows"

During February of 2016,when he was on YouTube, he discovered a video called "Dumb Ways to Die" it was a musical animated cartoon to have safety on trains and other dangerous things, and then in the recommended videos appeared a video called "Dumb Ways to Die - BFDI Edition", at the time he don't had any idea of what BFDI was, and then BFDI Episode 1 appeared in the recommended videos list(according to Lucas, if he doesn't clicked on the episode, he really don't know how it would be today, and if he would still do YouTube content).

Start in the Object Show Community

From this day, he started to love BFDI, and watch every episode, a little time later, YouTube recommended to he "Inanimate Insanity Episode 1", and was the second Object Show he watched.

And then YouTube started to recommend various other Object Shows, the third one he watched was "Object Land", the fourth "Object Overload", and the five was "Object Universe".

Start of "The Battle of Objects" production

And then, Lucas got a big inspiration to create new content to YouTube, so, on March, 2 of 2016, the channel "Lucas Onorato Studios "(Currently "Lucas Onorato Animations"), was created, and the production, of his first object show, called "The Battle of Objects" (based on the name of "Brawl of the Objects"), has started. But there was a big problem on its production, Lucas, at the time just don't know how to animate on computers, he decided to make it in Stop-Motion, like North Park.

TBoO logo.png

So its first 3 episodes (Episode 1 Part 1, Episode 1 Part 2 and Episode 2), were animated using stop-motion animation.

But, after episode 2, Lucas decided to try animating Episode 3 on computer, during various months, he tried various animation softwares, but when he discovered that, most of the Object Shows, use Flash, he tried use it, but its first animations tryings, they were all bad, so he start to use a "animation" software, that nobody uses in the OSC, called "Express Animate by NHC Software", then its third episode, and some shorts, was animated using it.

In the production of episode 4, he decided to use, a bit "better" software, that was REALLY made for animations, called "Anime Studio", currently called "Moho", the episode was released on the start of 2017.

Some time later he finally, searched in the internet for tutorials, practicated more animations, and then, finally he discovered how to use flash, im the middle of 2017.

So the episode 5 production, finally can start, but during it, Lucas's motivation was lost, because at the time he had to do all the script, all the character voices, and all animated scenes and because the series started being "animated" with paper objects!

The end of TBoO

Some months later, he created a project of "The Battle of Objects Reboot ", but it had just some scenes finished.   

  • On september, Lucas's computer, became broken,  and then he can'ted do anymore animations.                   
  • On december, all of The Battle of Objects series became officially cancelled.           
  • In january, of 2018 all of the videos from the channel became deleted, and the channel was renamed to "Lucas Onorato Animations".
  • Then, in the end of january, his computer finally had been fixed, during some days Lucas had thinked to do a "The Battle of Objects Revived", but it has never shown to public, and only had some little animations made.

Currently and the start of "Awesome Object Battle"

During a night of February, 5, Lucas was thinking on what he could do now, and then he got a idea of doing a brand new Object Show, that would be called "The Amazing Battle of Objects "(TAB), it would have some characters that came directly of TBoO, and some other new characters, including a Christmas Ball(currently called Christmas Ornament), a Chocolate Bar(currently Chocolatey), a Pentagon(Pentagony),  a Can and a Bag, and its host would have been Computer.

Some days later, he decided to rename the show to just Amazing Object Battle, but then changed again to Awesome Object Battle(AOB), because there's already a Object Show called Amazing Object Battle on YouTube. Also the host was changed to a Television (Fun fact: TV was originally the co-host of TBoO).

Since then, AOB is his current show in production, that might have in 2019 or 2020, a second season too.


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