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Strahinja Milicevic(A Serbian name),is a voice actor, animator and audio editor for Awesome Object Battle,he currenlty voices Chocolatey, however, he might voice someone else in the future. He is 11-years old and he was born in 29, 03 of 2007

Before he was a voice actor

Before he was a voice actor for Chocolatey,He was first voiced by ANIMORTIS,but then ANIMORTIS decided that he doesn't want to voice act anymore, so then Chocolatey's voice was replaced by Strahinja Milicevic.

How Strahinja started a Object Show

Before he started,he saw a cartoon on YouTube wich was called BFDI, and he then he loved to watch BFDI and BFDIA.

He then think that he should start doing it's own object show, and that's what he did, his object show is called "Battle For One Million Dollars"(BF1MD).

How did Strahinja got a job for AOB

When he was starting his show, there was one thing that he was dreaming, he was dreaming of one day working for a object show, he tried every single show audition, but sadly he never could make it, however, he saw a new discord server called "Awesome Object Battle",and he asked if he can get a job, he then did a animation audition,and then,he finally got a job for Awesome Object Battle,as a animator.He also got a job for Audio Editing and Voice Acting.


  • He has a Wikia Account
  • He's discord username is XxStraleGamer211xX
  • He's also a writter for Battle for Object Hotel(BFOH), which is created by Lucas Onorato too.